Divorce is on the Decline!

The good news is that divorce in America has been on a steady decline. Most of my college students believe that it is a number that’s always increasing. They tend to be very cynical about marriage.

You ought to think about two other trends as well. The rate of marriage is on the decline in our country and the percentageĀ of couples cohabitating is increasing.


National Health Statistics Report: First Premarital Cohabitation

The fragile economy, shifting job market, and history of divorce have all contributed to making marriage a frightening proposition for many college students. Typically, people who live together before they get married have a higher chance of divorce. The immediacy of experience seems to be a risk worth taking since so much of the future is a dark mystery.

About Randy Wilson

Professor of Sociology at Houston Baptist University I read, think and write about religion and culture in the United States. It's very interesting and very complicated but incredibly exciting. For many years I have been trying to figure out how people learn best (my students and myself). The classes I teach are always in a state of experimentation - trying to reorganize around what students bring to the table and where we have to go.

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