What Can Graham Crackers Tell Us About the Family?

biracial family

What can we learn about the Modern American Family from a graham cracker advertisement?

The Commercial Version of the American Family

The headline for this online story, “What the Modern American Family Really Looks Like”, is a political statement don’t you think?

Here are the facts…

Households and Families 2010

According to our latest census figures most Americans still live in a household with a married mother and father. Same sex households remain rare. The numbers still haven’t climbed above 1% despite the destigmatization in our culture. What other facts don’t seem to match the claims of this ad campaign?

The ad campaign is smart – it has us all talking about graham crackers! Genius!

About Randy Wilson

Professor of Sociology at Houston Baptist University I read, think and write about religion and culture in the United States. It's very interesting and very complicated but incredibly exciting. For many years I have been trying to figure out how people learn best (my students and myself). The classes I teach are always in a state of experimentation - trying to reorganize around what students bring to the table and where we have to go.

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